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We develop Zen day by day, and release new versions in a short span.
Here, we describe how to update Zen to the latest version, or how to get Zen of a specific version.

In the following, we will use zen-release-manager, which we used for the installation.

If you are installing Zen for the first time, please follow the Installation page.

Uninstall Zen

We recommend uninstalling Zen that is already installed on your system.


Install packages

Since required packages may have been updated, please install the packages again by following the Install packages section of the installation page.

Update zen-release-manager

$ cd /path/to/zen-release-manager
$ git pull

Cleanup build directory

To reduce build time, some build targets are not removed.

$ ./zen-release clean

Configure the version of Zen

Configure the version of Zen you want to use using zen-release-manager.

When configuring the latest release.

$ ./zen-release configure ./release/latest.yaml

You can also select the specific release.

$ ./zen-release configure ./release/<release>.yaml

Reinstall Zen Mirror

The APK file of Zen Mirror may have been updated. Please reinstall Zen Mirror by following the Install Zen Mirror section.

If you are unable to reinstall Zen Mirror, please uninstall it and try again.

Build and install Zen

Build and install Zen again by following the instruction in the Build and install zen section.

Enjoy the new features!